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From Wichita With Love is the brainchild of a group of friends who happily call the Air Capital home. With graphic design, architecture, creative writing, IT, PR and venue management professionals among us, we’ve pooled our time and skills to share our city with the world, one bit of postcard love at a time. The message is simple, “We wish you were here!” and we’re using it to create interest in Wichita as a cultural and commercial destination.

We’re partnering with businesses around town to distribute our first postcard design, driving traffic to those merchants as we invite Wichitans to join in the project. Whether it’s to say hello to an out-of-state friend or a soldier overseas, to invite a band to play at a local venue or to persuade a corporation that their business would find a good fit here, we want to hear what people are saying with their postcards and see where they’re ending up.

I am now going to claim to be pen pals with @hschaake09 's 8th graders. #fromwichitawithlove
...for some reason I've always been in love with Kansas #FromWichitaWithLove
"Ci conosciamo CON la Becki" cit ❤️ #sgrammaticata #gustostracchino #sadigelato #imboscataacasinalbo #serateimpegnative #fromWichitawithlove #cimancherai @belluccomarta
#fromwichitawithlove #chickenpoop #chickenpooplipjunk #chapstick #chickenpoopfactory
Sketchbook - 1 year & 65 pages later. First entry, the notes that helped give birth to the #fromwichitawithlove postcard.
traded some #fromwichitawithlove postcards for a sweet #wsu button from @thelaborparty
I'm pretty sure someone snuck this #fromwichitawithlove postcard into my purse. It's a new purse so I didn't leave it, plus I didn't stamp it! I wonder which friend is the culprit?
Very nice #wichita.. Solid work @stepaniehoeman, @rico_w & @brigittebose #fromwichitawithlove
@ the To The Extreme #FromWichitaWithLove
Wichita T-Shirts are finished. They'll be available tomorrow. Details soon. #Fromwichitawithlove
The best mail #FromWichitaWithLove Thank you @mmeyerphotos I will send you something soon!
Some #FromWichitaWithLove in the October issue of .net magazine!
I carried my #fromwichitawithlove postcard all the way up a giant mountain....then forgot to shoot a picture! Oops... I hope this will do instead, @ricow!
Daytime pic doesn't do this window installation at the Zellman building justice. Designed by me, installed by the super pro Joey Capadona. Up all month. Peep it at night. Douglas and StFrancis. Nighttime pic coming soon. #downtownwichitakansas #downtownwichita  #windowinstallation #naymlis #bigmention #FromWichitaWithLove
Awesome postcards!
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